A little bit of me ...

My name is Claudia Monteleone, ho 31 years and I am a certified FITNESS COACH at XWOMAN ACADEMY (www.xwomanacademy.com) , the Academy of Studies focused on female weight training. The specialization in FEMALE FITNESS through the application of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD allows me to guide women who are tired of having no RESULTS and to rely on products, improbable workouts and other devilry FAILURES, towards the best version of themselves. I approached the world of Fitness in 2014 and in particular the weight room a year later, when I realized that you can have a lot of fun with Zumba (as long as you like this genre of course), but physically improve very little!

Since I started taking my first timid steps into bodybuilding, I understood why this discipline is literally called "BODY BUILDING". Month after month I have seen my figure evolve, to change, improve to the point that my thirst for knowledge in the field grew hand in hand.How could it be possible that the whole ride, cardio workouts, the classes in the gym hadn't given me half the results I was getting with weights? I did not find it conceivable and I absolutely had to know more.

And here I am today to communicate to you in these few lines, which gives a means to obtain a better body, FITNESS in the declination of BODYBUILDING has become the passion from which I wanted to realize myself professionally. If we have the opportunity to collaborate on your path of change, you will soon realize that my approach is particularly REALISTIC, AUTHENTIC and DAMN INSTRUCTIVE! Every woman who embarks on a journey with me will not only have the opportunity to achieve a respectable aesthetic improvement, but also full management autonomy once the collaboration is concluded.

My work and my experience in the sector are not only the result of continuous study and application in the field: it is an ever-changing process that also comes from practicing on myself. I know how to make women get GREAT RESULTS, because I went through the search for change myself and like so many I fell into the TRANELLI of the WEB, EASY SOLUTIONS and USELESS workouts! If you are looking for a figure who will guide you through your change in the most profitable and optimal way, without getting lost in the many turns of facts and words, I'm the Coach that's right for you!

For info or requests do not hesitate to contact me!